Free Car Check?

Unfortunately free car checks do not exist. However, read below to find out what a car check/HPI check is – and why you should get one. 

Owing to the fact that more and more people all over the world, including the UK, are starting to think about buying a used car, the used car market has become a bit of a mine field. What this means is that there are more and more less than honest car dealers, there are more and more stories of people buying a used car and then returning it because it turned out to be stolen; there are more and more stories about people buying a car which turned out to be a complete wreck and so on. This is exactly why there is something like an HPI used vehicle information check. This is a very powerful tool in the hands of anybody who is thinking of buying a used car in the UK, especially for people who do not have extensive experience with used cars or, for that matter, cars of any kind.

Here is a list of things you will find out through an HPI check:

  • Outstanding finance – This is a very important aspect of buying a used car and it is related to the vehicle’s ownership. If the vehicle in question has an outstanding finance agreement, it means that it cannot legally belong to you all until the agreement in question is met, that is until the loan is paid off in full. The HPI check will show if there is reason to be worried.
  • Theft – When you want to buy a used car, one of the most important things to make sure is that the car you are about to buy is not a stolen one. This is very important because buying a stolen car will always result in a lot of trouble and it will always be a bad financial move, as it will be taken to the rightful owner by the police, leaving you without both the car and the money you paid for this car. The HPI is the best company to rely on when it comes to identifying a car’s history.
  • Clocked cars – This is one of the most common problems people have when buying a used car. Even the most experienced car enthusiasts cannot always tell if someone has been playing with the car’s mileage. Therefore, instead of running the risk of buying a car which has been clocked, do an HPI check and be sure what the real mileage is.
  • Write offs – Many used cars have at some point been written off, which means that they have been declared damaged in a way that keeps them from ever being safe to drive again. Nevertheless, they are bought by car dealers and resold again. This is very unsafe, and the HPI check will tell you whether a vehicle has been written off in the past.
  • Cloned cars – When a car is stolen, it can be cloned, which means that it takes the identity of a legitimate car. A cloned car appears to be a valid one, as it has the chassis number and all the other important data of another car.

It can easily be seen why the HPI check should always be done when people go shopping for a used car, regardless of the fact whether they are buying it privately or at a used car dealership.